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This journal is largely friends-only. If you see a public post, its usually a funny comment or interesting quiz that I ran across. All the best stuff, though, is behind closed doors.

With that said, I always love to meet new LJ friends. Here's how you know we might be a good match:

1. I love movies - independent, blockbusters, foreign, all of them.
2. I love to read. I blather incessantly about books here. Fiction, nonfiction, even some textbooks. Word.
3. I love politics and find campaigns and elections endlessly fascinating. I love to hold intelligent discussions and debates about candidates, policies, and the lot of it. I don't care if you disagree with me, so long as your opinion is intelligent and informed.
4. Anything else you want to know? Just ask.

Read it. Laugh. I'm 99% sure its intentionally funny, but you tell me what you think.

I first encountered him here.

So I just have to document this for posterity purposes:

I am currently in San Francisco attending the National Conference on Volunteering and Service.

So far, one day into the session, we've had the pleasure of hearing from:

Michelle Obama

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Maria Shriver

Jon Bon Jovi

Matthew McConaughey

and the very lovely...

Chaka Khan.

That was just opening day. I can't imagine who is coming next.

The city of Los Angeles is planning a parade to celebrate the Lakers' winning the NBA finals.

Even while eight officers were injured and one is still in the hospital recovering from injuries received when the city of Los Angeles rioted after the Lakers won the NBA finals.

There's something wrong with this equation.

Here's my thought: city of Los Angeles, you gave up the right to spend money on a frickin' parade the minute your residents decided to set fires, throw crap at the cops, and loot a bunch of businesses. No party for you.

If this is how you act when you win, I'd hate to see your behavior when you lose.

Not much to report here that can't be summed up with a few one-liners:

* I have food poisoning and it's pretty barfy and lame

* Go see "I Love You, Man" because you'll laugh your ass off

* Eating nothing but crackers for two days is weird

* Having a good book to read when you're sick makes everything a lot better

* Hoping to head back to work tomorrow

* Despite sickness, looking forward to seeing David Rakoff this weekend in Berkeley

* That's about it
... or at least as official as putting a deposit down makes it:

Wedding date is set for Saturday, March 27, 2010 at Crawford's Barn.

This has got to be the lamest, most laugh-inducing, and most cringe-worthy LJ community that I have seen in a LOOOONG time:


 It's horrible, and I can't stop reading it.

I truly believe that the LJ spotlight leads all good communities to go to hell.

Case in point: my favorite crockpotting community was spotlighted this week, and there's been nothing less than a FLOOD of new members and all the related crap that ensues.

Perfect example shown here.  Squee! Chicken and BBQ sauce! I would never have thought to put these together, yet alone in such a masterful way! Thank you, recipe gods!

Okay, I'm done now.

Kevin Smith is finally coming out to the Left Coast!

WANT TO GO. NEED TO GO. Want to go too??

Describe me in one word... just one single word. Positive or negative.

- Leave your word in a comment before looking at what words others have used.

- Then copy and paste the meme to your journal to find out how people will describe you when limited to one word.